Federal Government Cage Codes:  Justice Apparel Group: 6Q0G1 - JAG88: 8EQS7

Technical Garment Development Packages

  • Berry Certified Sourcing is available on select contracts
  • Our Design Team is highly competent in interpreting your Government or Commercial Specifications
  • Price quotes are accurate as they are based on Standard Minute Value
  • Our Development Team will interpret and alter your Patterns and Samples/PDM's

Quality Control and Assurance

Quality Assurance is built into every step of development and production. Our program model provides interim process controls such as raw material control, receiving, first article, in-process and final inspection, measuring and test equipment/tool and gauge control.

We will immediately identify and solve quality issues. We understand your needs and take pride in serving you accurately and respectfully.


Production and Manufacturing Packages

  • We practice Lean Manufacturing and keep our overhead low; the savings is extended to you
  • Over 600 machines are ready for production of your product. If we do not have the necessary equipment to produce your product, we will rent or purchase.
  • Our Engineers will set up your production line using keen planning techniques and will offer you a ramp up schedule.
  • No order is too large as we have an abundance of technical sewers readily available.

Production Capabilities:

We can Cut and Sew any type of Knit or Woven Garment or Accessory, although Justice Apparel Group specializes in the most technical items so as to cut out the competition.  We are trained to produce Fire Resistant, Berry Compliant, Protective and Comfort-Focused items that require keen attention to detail.  Having focused on Military and Law Enforcement contracts as both Prime Contractor and Sub over the last decade, our team is qualified to interpret lengthy Tech Packs and Specifications.  We understand and respect that meeting both quality standards and timelines is crucial to our clients, and most importantly, to those deploying.  The following are the types of items we produce at present for the Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial Agencies:  Ballistic Vests and Carriers, Riot Suits, Leather and Synthetic Gloves, Combat Shirts/Uniforms, Multi-Layer Jackets, Cargo Pants, Waterproof Jackets, Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts.

Machine List

Seam Sealing, Crowtacks, Quilter, Double Needles, Single Needles, Overlock, Sergers, Flatlocks, Cover Stitches, Binders, Grommet and Snap Press, Sew Free Technologies, Laser Cutting, Ultra Sonic Line Bonding, Belt Laminator, BarTackers, Clickers, Welt Pocket Machines, Snap Machines, Air Compressors, Button Sewer, Button Hole, Cover Stitch, Overlock, Exposed Elastic, Merrow Activeseam, Automated Heat Press, Multi Needle, Caballo, Spreading Machines, heat Transfer Machines, Strapping Machines, Fusing Machine, Plastic Sealing Machines. What we don't have, we will rent or purchase to facilitate your order.